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Sales, Marketing & Operations



We know how important it is to have experienced sales and marketing professionals in your business. Finding candidates who understand your industry and your products - with a genuine passion for the industry is vital.

Marine Resources hold an unrivalled database of the industry's top sales and marketing professionals and our sales candidate network spans across all markets - including leisure marine, superyacht and commercial marine. Our expert sales and marketing recruiters specialise in fulfilling all roles in this sector - from Yacht and Superyacht Brokers to Technical Product Sales.

A marketing team who know and understand your products and industry will always give you the edge over you competitors, which is why we work hard to make sure that all our marketing professionals know your market inside-out and can talk from a point of experienced knowledge. We also work hard to identify leading sales and marketing professionals from similar industries who can transfer into the marine industry, with the advantage of bringing in new views and a fresh perspective to your business.

Talk to our dedicated Sales and Marketing team today.