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Marine Resources launches Marine Salary Survey 2022

Posted-on May 2022 By Preslava McCarthy

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Trailblazing Marine Salary Survey to be launched, assessing a post covid industry.


Specialist recruitment consultancy, Marine Resources, is looking to re-assess the post-pandemic marine industry landscape, creating a centralised resource where businesses and employees can benchmark salaries within the marine industry.


Following the success and demand of Marine Resources releasing the first national salary survey for the marine industry back in 2019, they are now launching a 2022 survey to understand the marine market post-pandemic.


The Marine Industry Salary Survey 2019 surveyed five marine sectors, with 250 business types identified and 1,715 job titles recorded. The survey received data relating to 4,665 respondents within the marine industry, covering both employers and employees. It also found disparities in gender pay gaps, such as male respondents earning an average salary of £39,650 compared to average female earnings of £35,790.


Marine Resources is appealing to employers and employees alike to share anonymous information about their remuneration and recruitment practices. The Marine Resources Salary Survey 2022 will take submissions from 7 key sub sectors in the marine industry; Skilled Trades, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Design, Engineering and Technical.


This unique piece of research aims to gain a comprehensive insight into the salaries currently commanded by professionals across the sector and support businesses by highlighting common challenges and key trends.


The Marine Industry Salary Survey will collect information by offering a quick online questionnaire. All data collected will be strictly anonymous and will not be shared. The data collected will be compiled into a report, which will break the data into infographics and spot key trends and learnings.


Salary benchmarking will be the most critical part of the survey, enabling Marine Resources to compare the pay as well as opinions of both employers and employees within the marine industry across all 7 key sub sectors.


James Ward, Marine Resources’ Founder and CEO, commented:


“Benchmarking salaries is essential for the industry's future as it helps prevent the loss of employees to competitors offering better packages. It also allows organisations to see how competitive they are within the current marketplace and keep stakeholders up to date with the latest salary trends in their sector.


In 2019, we conducted the biggest ever Marine Industry Salary Survey, lifting the lid on vitally essential topics like salary benchmarking, gender pay gap and diversity issues within recruitment across the marine industry. Every day we help people make career decisions, and equally, we support businesses to have accurate intelligence of the marine market.


We are now back on a mission to generate the 'go to' salary survey results to support the industry with data to shape their businesses and recruitment and help understand current trends.


The most exciting thing is that we will be able to offer a pre-covid vs post-covid set of data. This time around, the data will be more granular of the market rates of pay for specific job titles across the industry, focusing specifically on Leisure Marine, Superyacht and Commercial Marine Shore-based roles.” 


Marine Resources offers exclusive early access to the report for employers that share their details, offering them a competitive advantage to begin operating at or above market averages.


And any employee who participates will have the opportunity to win £150 in John Lewis vouchers.

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