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Our 2022 Salary Survey is the Shore-Base Marine Industries’ most comprehensive census on careers, salaries, and workplace trends and we need your input!

Due to the success of the first of its kind Marine Salary Survey in 2019, we are back on a mission to benchmark the industry with a comprehensive report on the market and employment trends within the marine and maritime sectors!

We'll be analysing the data and producing a free to download survey so you can see how competitive your role or salaries are in comparison to the market averages.

The questionnaire takes less time than it takes to make a cup of tea.

Completely confidential, quick, and with the chance to win a £150 John Lewis voucher for employees and for employers to opt in to receive the FULL survey reports, please spare 5 minutes to give us your thoughts.

Click HERE for the Employers Salary Survey


Click HERE for the Employees Salary Survey