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Top Reasons to Contract with Marine Resources

Posted-on August 2023 By Justine Duffin, Marine Resources

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Comprising more than 4,600 companies and with a combined worth of over £3 billion the marine industry is a powerful contributor to the UK’s economy and an exciting place to be!

As industry experts, we’re ideally placed to outline the numerous benefits of contracting in the marine industry through our team at Marine Resources and demonstrate how it can shape your professional journey. Whether you're an established expert or a rising talent, contracting as a skilled professional can transform your career. Here’s how working in this way can ibenefit you.

1. Streamlining Your Contracting Experience

We understand that the administrative side of contracting can be a complex process. With Marine Resources, you can enjoy a streamlined experience from the start.

Our team is dedicated to making the onboarding process seamless and hassle-free, providing support and guidance ­ whether you need help to set up as a Limited Company or connecting with an Umbrella Company.

We ensure timely payments through our efficient payroll solutions, with funds transferred directly to your account within 48 hours of submitting your authorised timesheet.

This allows you to focus solely on delivering your exceptional skills and craftsmanship without any unnecessary distractions.

2. A Personal Touch and Genuine Care

In my role as Managing Consultant – Skilled Trades, I strongly believe that personal connections matter. When you start your contracting journey with us, you become a member of our network.

As your dedicated Consultant, I will personally meet you face-to-face so that you feel confident and welcomed as you step into your new assignment. On your first day onsite, I'll be there to greet you and help you settle in smoothly.

Our team also prioritise your safety by providing essential kit, such as Hi-Vis clothing and a branded T-Shirt so you can work with peace of mind. Throughout your contract, we maintain regular contact so you have someone to rely on for any questions or concerns.

3. Expertise in the Leisure Marine Industry

With Marine Resources, you are partnering with a team of industry experts who have a deep understanding of the Marine domain.

We are proud to collaborate with prestigious names like Fairline and Sunseeker on ground-breaking projects and beautiful vessels. We build trusted relationships with our clients over time so we know what they are looking for in their ideal contractor. Our expertise allows us to make the perfect match between you, the skilled professional, and our valued clients.

This ensures that your talents are well-utilised, and you will find yourself in an environment that appreciates your skills and contributions.

4. Investment in Your Future

We believe in investing in your growth and professional development. That’s why we offer a wide array of training options to enhance your skills and expertise so you can stay competitive and elevate your career with our comprehensive training programmes.

We can also put you in touch with organisations that provide free financial advice, and as industry experts, they can guide you toward better financial management. From tax planning to investment strategies, we're here to help you make smart financial decisions that fuel your success.

5. An Abundance of Contract Roles

As a contractor, you have the chance to work with different employers, each with their unique approaches, technologies and best practices. This exposure enriches your experience, deepens your knowledge and enhances your marketability within the industry.

Whether you excel as a Finisher, Laminator, Painter, Carpenter, Boat Builder, Electrician or possess other specialised skills, there are plenty of opportunities on our roster of contract roles to suit you. If you live nearby and don’t need to relocate, we can often find you a role starting the following week.

From three-month assignments to longer-term projects, we offer a range of opportunities to keep your career journey exciting and rewarding. You'll also have access to seasonal opportunities and special projects, making your CV stand out with versatile experiences.

6. Lucrative Opportunities

Your dedication and expertise deserve to be recognised and rewarded. With Marine Resources, you have the opportunity to negotiate competitive hourly rates based on your skills and experience.

Our latest Marine Industry Salary Survey showed a 6% increase in salaries from 2019 to 2022. Below is a breakdown of key roles and along with competitive rates of pay, there is often overtime available, and bonuses on contract completion.

  • Boatbuilder

  • Carpenter

  • Finisher

  • Pipefitter/Plumber

  • Welder

In addition, some roles are often required on urgent and short-term projects so additional overtime or bonuses are often available.

7. Generous Referral Scheme

We value your connections and offer a generous referral scheme open to all. For every successful contractor you refer to us, you can receive a £100 Amazon voucher after your contact completes one week on the job after their onboarding.

Share the good news with your network and let's build a thriving community of skilled professionals together. You can refer as many people as you want ­ just make sure you’ve received their consent first!

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