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The Marine Industry Salary Survey Report 2022 - OUT NOW

Posted-on September 2022 By Preslava McCarthy

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Marine Resources launches its Salary Survey Report 2022 for the Leisure Marine industry.

Specialist recruitment consultancy Marine Resources has released its Marine Industry Salary Survey Report 2022. Marine Resources aim to reassess the landscape through the report, helping understand and benchmark employment trends and salaries within the Leisure Marine Industry post-pandemic.

The research surveyed the Leisure Marine Industry with a significant focus on three key divisions:

·       Skilled Trades,

·       Design, Engineering & Technical, and

·       Sales, Marketing & Operations, 

With circa 2,500 respondents, creating over 45,000 data points. 


Marine Resources' objective was to create a report for the benefit of both employees and employers, intending to deliver a list of the core roles within the Leisure Marine Industry.


The report found that there has been a 6% average salary increase across the industry pre/post-Covid. The average salary in 2019 was £37,490, whereas, in 2022, the average wage is £39,734. Other highlights include:

·       the marine industry’s average salary versus the national average earnings,

·       a decrease in the gender gap with a 2.9% increase of female respondents since 2019, and

·       a growing age gap in the industry with a lack of younger respondents.

It also highlights satisfaction levels with employment packages and the likelihood of changing jobs in the next 12 months.


Marine Resource’s CEO and Founder, James Ward, commented, "Ever since Marine Resources launched over 19 years ago, we have been committed to leading the industry with valuable, credible and accurate data. We have always prided ourselves on being able to advise our clients on the most up-to-date market insights.


With the Salary Survey report, we bring employers and job seekers an essential tool needed to benchmark their current salaries across key roles within the Leisure Marine Industry, as well as some fascinating insight and trends within the current employment market. Finally, we have been able to give pre vs post-Covid analysis on average salaries and compare how we are doing compared to other industries.


The amount of survey responses we received for the Salary Survey 2022 and the amount of interest and anticipation we see in the industry for the report is incredible. It is also highly encouraging, and we will continue to develop this research year on year."


The full report can be downloaded from the Marine Resource website today by following the link:

 Marine Resources advises anyone who has more questions or requires a deeper insight into some of them to contact them directly at (0) 2380 633 399.