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5 Signs That You Are Ready for a Career Change

Posted-on June 2022 By

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Do you ever feel that longing feeling sitting at your desk at 3 pm, thinking about what could have been? Do you catch yourself thinking about the lows of your current role rather than enjoying the highs? Then a career change might be what you're looking for.

You might still enjoy your job, you'll have work friends and you're probably still be engaged with your company's mission. But does it feel like there is an itch that you can't scratch?

According to a survey of UK employees, the ideal length of time to stay with an employer is six years. It's increasingly rare for individuals to join an organisation straight out of training and remain with them for their entire careers. This may have occurred commonly in years gone by, but the 'job-for-life' is, by and large, a thing of the past.

Here are our 5 signs that you might be ready for a career change.

1. You're no longer growing

Can you do your role with your eyes closed? Have the new skills and experiences all dried up? Do you have all the relevant qualifications within your role with no place to take them in the future? As humans we need to be stretching our abilities, the mind is like a muscle, if it doesn't get worked, it doesn't grow.

2.Your earnings aren't increasing

Feel like you're getting lots of extra responsibilities for not much extra reward?

Have you been looked over for promotions? These can both suggest you've been in the same job for too long. The longer you go without a decent pay rise, the more chance there is you're being underpaid. If this sounds like you, you might want to start looking for a new role or at least speak to your manager about how you can progress.

3. You're being overworked

You're capable, you know that. You always deliver results and you're reliable when needed. The chances are, if that's you, then your employer might start taking you for granted. You'll slowly have an ever-increasing workload, without anything extra in return. It's up to you to make sure this situation doesn't arise, so either push for that career progression or take your new skills into a different career.

4. You've fallen out with your boss

Struggling to see eye to eye with the management team? The frustration of not being listened to can soon sink in, maybe you think you could do better than them? Or they're just not giving your strategies a fair shot? Chances are, these types of feelings are unresolvable which will have an impact on your satisfaction at work and ultimately your performance.

5. You've got skills that aren't being utilised

If you've picked up new skills but they're not being used in your role then why not take them elsewhere? Especially if these are niche skills, there are always plenty of companies that are willing to pay out for highly skilled and willing employees.

Thinking about a change?

You only have one career, and you'll spend over 80% of your life doing it. It's important that you work for good companies and do meaningful work that makes you feel satisfied at the end of the day. To find out more about what the marine industry could potentially offer you then get in touch.​