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6 Key Elements You Should Be Getting from a Good Recruiter

Posted-on March 2021 By James Ward

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Just like any significant relationship, it's important that recruiters are transparent and consistent with their client from the start, now more than ever.

In this post we will explore each one of the 6 Key Elements Your Recruiter Should be Ticking Off the List when supporting you through a given recruitment process.

1. The Instruction

This is where the client and the consultant start to discuss working together to secure new talent into their business. A good recruiter would be leading this process with a consultative approach using market knowledge and data, and setting realistic expectations with the client.

2. Sourcing

This is the stage when recruiters use their own network and utilise headhunting techniques and tools to identify the best possible shortlist to present to their client. This is a crucial stage of the process as the client makes a decision on which candidate they would like to interview.


3. Interviewing

At this point the consultant should have helped the client identify an interview structure, scoring and interviewing questions for each interview stage. Is your recruiter going above and beyond by providing wider recruitment tools such as Personality Profiling? This tool is used to identify features of a personality in a candidate in a way that's intended to be useful in understanding and predicting their behaviour.


4. Offer

This is where a good recruiter advises the client in how to structure an offer in the right way to secure the candidate. They are managing and advising throughout the negotiations to ensure all parties get a win-win.


5. Onboarding

These are the days leading up to the candidate starting their new role, them actually starting their new role and the days following the start of their new role. This is where a good recruiter should be supporting both the client and candidate to ensure the process is as smooth as possible, ensuring the best experience possible.

The onboarding process can last between 3-6 weeks and should even start before the candidate start their new job so that they can get the best experience and feel welcomed.

6. Probation Period

This is where a good recruiter plays a big part in a successful probation period and should stay active with the client and candidate to advise and feedback throughout.

Get the 6 Elements of Good Recruitment downloadable checklist here​ to help with your hiring process.