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How to Survive Your First Day Back at Work After the Christmas Break!

Posted-on January 2020 By James Ward

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The first day back at work after the Christmas holidays is always tough! That gut-wrenching feeling of leaving your friends and family after a few festive days off is not a comforting feeling that we look forward to. Here are some tips to help you get through that dreaded first day back!

  • Prioritise Your Tasks

When you get into the office on your first day back, make sure that your first task is to create a priorities list! Prioritise your tasks in order of importance and urgency and put aside the projects that can wait a couple of days. Not only will this clear your mind of any unnecessary tasks, but it will allow you to focus on urgent matters, improving your productivity.

  • Tackle Your Inbox the Night Before

If you want to kick off the New Year right, get on top of your work inbox the night before for a seamless transition back to work. Don’t let your first few hours at work be held up by time-consuming emails, so dedicate some time to reply to any urgent emails before you set foot in the office – you will thank yourself later!

  • Set New Goals

The first day back at work is a perfect excuse to kick-off your New Years Resolutions! Do you want to be more productive at work, or be more sociable with your colleagues? The first day back is the perfect opportunity to hit the ground running!

  • Be Prepared for the Day

Don’t let yourself be in a rush in the morning! Make sure you have prepared your lunch beforehand, decided on your work clothes, and set your alarm 15 minutes earlier than usual to give yourself an easy start to the morning! Planning ahead will only make the day run smoother and allow you time to focus on the important stuff.

  • Plan Something for the Weekend

There’s nothing like having exciting plans for the weekend to motivate you through the first few days at the office! Chat with your colleagues and organise a fun, sociable activity to do together to combat the work blues! Try to do something that you have never done before, you might surprise yourself and find a new hobby for the New Year!

  • Stay Optimistic with Another Holiday

Don’t let the post-Christmas blues control you! Find something else to look forward to, whether that is a boating trip with your family, or a summer holiday to Greece, having exciting plans on the horizon is the perfect solution!