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How to Keep your Social Profiles Attractive to Employers

Posted-on January 2020 By James Ward

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With social media becoming more prevalent in the hiring process, ensuring that your social profiles are up-to-date and appropriate for professional environments is crucial. Here are our 5 top tips that you should consider before applying for any roles!

1. Have up-to-date and relevant information

Similarly to your CV, your social profiles should contain up-to-date information that is relevant to your interests and the job roles you are applying for. Your LinkedIn profile should be your top priority when it comes to social profiles, as it purposes itself as your online CV. Make sure that you detail all your professional experience, achievements and any voluntary work clearly on your profile to cast a great impression on employers.

2: Keep it professional, or keep it private

The most appropriate website to have a professional profile on is LinkedIn, unless you are in a creative industry, then you may want to consider uploading your portfolio to Instagram.   Employers are not interested in your weekly Friday night cocktails or your annual camping trip, so make sure that all of the information that you make available to access is business appropriate. This includes sharing work events, appropriate hobbies, and opinions on the latest news!

However, if you are unsure of what information to share, it is probably safer to keep your profiles private. This can be easily done through your privacy settings – don’t risk putting off your employers with that one embarrassing photo from 5 years ago that you forgot about!

3: Get connected
LinkedIn is a fantastic place to communicate with like-minded individuals in a professional environment! Follow pages that interest you, from public figures to news pages - stay connected and engage with content you like! Doing this will give employers a taste of your character and interests before meeting you.

4: Remember that impressions count

Make sure that you compliment your content-filled profile with a flattering photo of yourself. Employers love to see the face behind a CV, so upload a friendly photo of yourself that represents your personality and professionalism.

5: Think twice about posting

That controversial opinion that causes tension between friends, or your new gym obsession may be one to leave offline. Keep your public social profiles as politically neutral and business appropriate where possible. Remember that not everyone has the same opinions as you, so do not risk upsetting employers with any jokes, comments or likes that could be misconstrued and cost you a job opportunity!

Importantly, remember that your social profiles should be a steppingstone in the hiring process, so make sure that you don’t let yourself down before you have the chance to impress employers in person with your passion and skill for the role.