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How to Settle in Your New Employee… The Right Way

Posted-on November 2019 By James Ward

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The first few weeks of a new job are undeniably daunting and overwhelming. However, there are lots of things you can do to make sure that your new employee’s first few weeks are as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Here are a few tips that we believe are crucial!


Make sure that their desk is ready

It is really important to make sure that your new employee feels a part of the team, so make them feel welcome by cleaning their workspace and setting out new stationary for them to use. Make sure to test that their computer works, and you may even want to ask the office to write a welcome card to truly make them feel more settled and connected to their colleagues. 


Introduce them to the team

It is very easy to sit your new employee at their desk and let them get started on their first project, but make sure that you assign some time in their first week to introduce them to the whole team. This will have a huge impact on how comfortable they feel in the office, saving them feeling isolated and lost in their first few weeks.  


Brief them on office culture

Do you have casual Fridays? Don’t let them turn up in a suit! Or, does your office offer flexible working hours – let them know that they don’t need to panic over missing the bus! Informing your new starter about your office culture will make them feel part of the team in no time, avoiding any embarrassment or confusion in the future.


Give them a buddy

Assigning your new employee, a buddy or mentor will make a drastic difference to how quickly they settle in and learn how your business works. If you can, try to sit the buddy with your new employee and encourage them to ask them for help! The buddy system is also a fantastic way to gather information about their progression and strengths within the business. 


Don’t leave them in the dark

When joining a new company, it will take a few months to fluently operate in your role, so don’t rely on the assumption that your new starter will get everything right in the first few weeks. However, you can help them along the way to success by giving them written briefs, specific deadlines and contact details of colleagues that may be able to help them complete their tasks. Leaving them confused will only slow down their settling in progress. 


Organise a social event

Whether you organise a social event for their first week or for one month in, it will make your new employee feel more connected to the team than ever before. Think about the office culture and what the whole team will enjoy, whether this going to the local pub for lunch at the end of the new starters first week, or a group paddle boarding experience. Importantly, make it an age and work appropriate activity for all to enjoy. 


Organise a training programme

Don’t allow your new starter to halt their progress by neglecting to train them for their role. In their first month of working, assign time to teach them how to operate the necessary software’s and websites for their role. Make sure that you cover all the bases and try not to skip any steps. 


Check in

At the end of their first week, set up a short meeting with your new starter to find out how they are getting on. This will give you an opportunity to ask any questions and see if you can help with anything that may be concerning them.