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James Ward named new Chairman of British Marine’s Membership & Marketing Committee

16th May 2017

James Ward, Managing Director at Marine Resources, is appointed Chairman of British Marine’s Membership & Marketing Committee at an important time for the membership organisation, as it sets out clear goals for the future.

The Committee supports and advises the work of the Executive team at Marine House, focusing on membership benefits and the marketing of British Marine members. Past projects include the Look for the Logo campaign and the British Marine and British Marine Boat Shows re-brands in 2015, formerly known as the British Marine Federation (BMF) and National Boat Shows (NBS).

James has already served two years as a Committee member before taking up the position of Chairman. In his new role, he looks to drive the Committee’s support for the evolvement of British Marine services, which are currently used by 1,600+ members, and ultimately, engage more UK marine businesses with the diverse benefits of membership.

As James Ward, the new Chairman of British Marine’s Membership & Marketing Committee, comments: “No doubt as always there are challenges on the way, but a recognition that evolution is required in a few areas is important and British Marine is clearly motivated to evolve. My job is to make sure the Committee are giving the Executive team at Marine House the right steer and help make the process as productive and action-focused as possible.

“I firmly believe that every marine business in the UK can benefit from being a British Marine member. I also understand that every business has different needs and will see British Marine’s value differently. We need to make sure that all current members, and potential new ones, understand that value and what being part of such a prominent organisation can do for them. If during my time as Chairman there is significant evolution to help achieve this, then it will have been a success.”