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‘A new day has dawned….’

10th June 2016

….and there is something beautiful on the horizon, is how Andrew Pope, Head of Design at the newly formed Fairline Yachts, describes the new company. Following the sad demise of Fairline Boats, 47 years after opening the factory doors in Northamptonshire, the company assets and designs were finally saved by a pair of Russian investors just after London Boat Show 2016.

On Tuesday 7th June, we were invited to the Oundle factory to meet the key members of the company, receive a factory tour and discuss recruitment plans for the brand as it grows under the new owners and management.

From the outset it’s clear that the new Fairline Yachts brand has set out to become something very different. Gone are the days of 250-300 boats a year, instead replaced by a lower quantity, higher quality and customisable product. You can choose from 5 different hull lengths, then 3 different deck layouts and finally an extensive selection of interior furniture options. Gone are the days of Henry Ford, where ‘you can have any colour as long as its black’. Fairline Yachts are giving the customer back the option to customise their product without having to buy in the 100ft+ bracket.

To accommodate this change, there are major changes going on within the factory. A brand new furniture building facility is being fitted out as we speak and the factory is undergoing major changes to ensure that the new Fairline Yachts product can be produced to the best standards.

During our tour there were a number of vessels in production. A number of 38s, 53s and a couple of Squadron 65s were at various stages of build, with the depleted but very highly skilled production teams ensuring all were being produced to a high standard. 90% of these vessels were either new orders, or being fulfilled from orders placed before the troubles of 2015. Fairline Yachts have worked hard to try to ensure as many of the customer orders under Fairline Boats are fulfilled. Something that has gone a long way to maintain faith of previous Fairline Boats Customers.

With key relationships built in the Design and Engineering areas of the business alongside extensive work with parts suppliers, it is clear that the investment being made is all for the better of the company moving forwards. There are some major new products in the pipeline that are being kept very quiet, due to launch in 2017, but it is anticipated that the new product will further enforce the Fairline Yachts brands’ intentions to be renowned as a high quality brand.

Off the back of the meeting, Marine Resources have been asked to recruit across the business for a number of roles. We see this as a really exciting time to be involved with the brand, and are happy to discuss opportunities with this excellent British brand with any interested parties.

Written by Ed Ewer

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